Our Philosophy!

RIANI is Italian lightness paired with German high class workmanship. We work entirely with premium, noble and some exclusively made materials. Thereby the perfect cut has a specific meaning - after all, a garment from RIANI should not only look fabulous on hanger, but also on the wearer. But we do even more. With love and accuracy we pay attention to consistently surprising details, as we are aware that our customers are fond of this.

RIANI is fashion which reveals its own emphasized personality and not only pretends to be a personality.

RIANI is fashion which always dresses you optimal. At a brunch with friends, at a meeting with business associates or at a candle light dinner with your beloved.

Sometimes it is not so easy to discover a woman's character. After all, there are lots of very different facets. This is not different at RIANI. RIANI is elitist, but not narrow minded. Traditional, but not conservative. Glamorous, but not trashy. You have to experience it by yourself, and only after that you will realize: At RIANI everything fits. Always. And everywhere.

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