Nickelson was founded in 1985. The founder was born in 1954 and that year inspired the brand to use the well-known ‘Nickelson established 1954’ sign in each collection. The brand’s original focus was men’s leather jackets. Over the years the company has grown exponentially and by word of mouth: Nickelson became one of the trendsetters in the UK and Holland.

In 2003 his son took over the company. He reinvented the brand in cooperation with a brand new designer team and created a new look (but still with the Nickelson DNA) which brought Nickelson again to a new level. He added women’s and children’s wear to the brand. Today a large variety of men’s, ladies and children’s fashion products are being distributed to more than 26 countries in Europe and beyond.


Quality, style and identity are the keywords for each collection. Furthermore Nickelson products are always designed with the original Nickelson look. The brand guarantees use of the best materials and craftsmanship.

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